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Who is Amy Gorey?

Hi, I'm Amy Gorey...

As a Pleasure Priestess, I work with bold women who are tired of living out of alignment with their souls. Our work together connects you to this boundless power, so you inhabit a new, peace-filled state and begin living energized and fully .

I weave a bit of magic with my multi-disciplinary training and gifts to move you beyond blocks that are holding you back from how you desire to live. You'll master your own energy, feel safe without walls and hold bold & beautiful boundaries.

I blend ancient practices into modern day life in simple and sustainable ways. My methods deliver expanded energetic capacity and a sense of ease--it's visible in each of my clients. Together we create soul-connected personal practices to activate your innate energy. You no longer feel drained. You begin living in a state of radiant energetic overflow.

It's time to unearth your shadows and revel in their hidden light. Come to know that you and your way of being set forth ripples, deep and wide... continually growing. I see your light. I help you see it too.

“Amy, you are such a gifted instructor.  Your teachings are carried with me everywhere.”  ~sc

Okay, so I might also be lifting heavy weights or on my yoga mat!  

Lift Heavy, Be Light!
I am extremely conscious and intentional with my energy and choose to direct it to what I value most. I’ve done all the hunting, gathering and vetting of energetic gems for you, so as we work together you rise, transforming into your most radiant self!
I am who you bring in when you're ready to take your energetic abundance up a notch.  When you’re tired of being tired, I got you.   Click here to start the conversation.
Shine on beautiful soul,
Amy Gorey

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