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Have you ever felt frozen? Stuck?  Like you're not moving forward?

It happens to the best of us, often because we're in a state of overwhelm.  The tricky thing about overwhelm is we try to think our way out of it, which just causes more overwhelm.  It's a nasty spiral.


When you work with me we always begin by clearing clutter. We intentionally create physical, mental and emotional breathing room... so you feel lighter, clearer and more alive! 

Clearing mental and emotional clutter can be trickier than the physical junk.  We can't just think our way through stuck emotions and energy.  So we sit with it.  Stuck.  Not knowing how to move forward.  

I have a new approach for you!

Kundalini Yoga uses tension, pressure, stress and friction to stimulate glands and organs to release hormones and peptides–so you’re actually generating a biochemical response to create  change in your physical body, which impacts your energy body, emotional body and mental body!  

When I first dabbled with Kundalini it was because I wanted to try something new.  Turns out it was divine timing.  A few weeks later my world turned upside down. I experienced the most terrifying months of my life.  I credit Kundalini with helping me process emotions I couldn't resolve with my thinking mind.  I learned to move energy through my physical body to free my mental and emotional bodies.  


So in the spirit of clearing clutter, I offer you this Kundalini Kriya of  Forgiveness.  When we transmute energy that's bound up gripping to past grievances, we become free and open to move forward toward the fuller life we long to live. 


I recommend you practice every day for one week (or even 40 days if you want the greatest impact.)  If that's too big a commitment right now, aim for once a week.  DM me and let me know your commitment!

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Vibe high = More good shiz swirls in your realm

Vibe low = more troubles and struggles are magnetized to you


Kirya of Forgiveness
(45 Minutes)

ONLY $22


  • Journal prompts to deepen your experience

  • PDF guide for full and shorter version of the practice

  • Kundalini, quickies video and PDF of my favorite on-the-go energy shifting moves

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