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You have edges...
Let's explore them
April 20th 9am to 12pm at A Touch of Meraki 3612 Grandview St, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 Facili

You know you are so much more than meets the eye.

Under the cloak of daily duty and assignments there hides a powerful woman who is tired of waiting on the sidelines as the everyday version of her runs about doing all the things she’s “supposed” to do.

I see it in my client’s eyes, I feel it in their cooped up energy all the time.  

That’s why I’m here.  To help you to know your super powers and own your energy!


Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I’m Amy Gorey, Energy Shifter & Light Worker.

I help you awaken your energy by teaching you to carry what’s yours and determine what’s not.

I hold space for you.

I help you create manageable steps to activate your super powers so that you can stop feeling drained, and instead move confidently into overflow, walking in every room as your fully lit radiant self is meant to!

Together we clear your blockages, so your essence that has long been buried under the weight you carry for everyone around you can surface and shine bright. 

I work with brave, bold women who are willing to unearth and honor their shadows to revel in their light…

By awakening your energy you are activating your limitless power.  

You are setting forth ripples, deep and wide.

You are shifting energy!  

I see your light,


Follow me on Instagram @pleasure_priestess_amy

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